Friday, June 11, 2010

PRK - 2 weeks post surgery

Well, today is two weeks and I just had a followup with my doctor, so it seems like a good time for a progress report...

In general, things are proceeding and each day is still slightly better, but then some days are better than others and the improvements are smaller. I do still get blurry vision, dry eyes this gives me a headache sometimes (like right now) - especially since my job requires a lot of computer screen time. At the end of the day it feel like I have had my contacts in for too long and it's time to take them out, but then I remember that isn't an option! On the other hand, I can drive again and when my vision is completely clear it is spectacular.

My eye doctor says everything is healing perfectly and looks great, but that it will likely take the more like 3 to 6 months for everything to fully clear up. The residual blurriness and so on is apparently because of minute swelling of the cornea as part of the recovery process. Naturally, I would have liked everything to be perfect by the end of two weeks, but my doctor makes the perfectly valid point that I did have 25% of my cornea blasted away by a laser and that takes some time to heal. A friend of mine who had PRK recommends keeping well hydrated, which does seem to help and is just good advice in general!

Friday, June 4, 2010

PRK - 1 week post surgery

So, it has now officially been a week post-surgery and things continue to progress albeit not in a completely linear fashion.

Today I realized I could once again read small magazine text without reading glasses and I was able to bump down the font sizes on my computer for the first time. Still, it is hard to work at the computer screen for extended periods and moving to focus from close to far objects is tough. I also still have halo'ing. My vision also seems to be clearer when I yawn, which I expect is because of the effect of tearing up slightly when I yawn. I also have to do lots of artificial tears.

Still, on the positive side, things are getting better each day and I am really liking have peripheral vision again like I did when I wore contacts many years ago! Not having to reach for my glasses in the morning or middle of the night is pretty cool. I am still getting used to my non-glassed face in the mirror when I shave. My wife says it is definitely a transition for her since she has only ever known me with glasses!

I also wanted to thank the two people who more than anyone (well, besides my surgeon, eye doctor & wife) have contributed to my recovery - Tom and Ray Magliozzi from Car Talk on NPR. I downloaded I don't know how many episodes of the show onto my iPhone and I've listened to them all back-to-back - especially earlier on when I pretty much couldn't do anything! If you aren't familiar with them, check them out at I'm just waiting for my car to make a weird noise so I can call it in and have them laugh at me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PRK - Post Surgery Day 5

Quick update today...

My doctor (and most of my reading on the surgery) said the recovery would not be linear and I guess today was the non-linear day. Things that were quite clear yesterday are very blurry again today - for instance I totally can't read the house addresses across the street. Even a moderate amount of computer work is very fatiguing and I have had to take some Tylenol for a headache.

Well, I will keep the faith that this will sort out over the next few days as everyone has promised. Tomorrow I am starting back to work, but I will definitely have to take frequent rests from the computer screen now and then.

I also picked up a pair of reading glasses today and for the 1st time got to utter the immortal phrase "Honey, have you seen my reading glasses?" Fortunately they weren't balanced on my forehead or something at the time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PRK - Post surgery Day 4

Today has been a big improvement over yesterday. Immediately after getting up, my left eye still had the somewhat painful "eyelash" sensation, but by mid-morning that had gone away and today is the first day I haven't had to take any pain killers - just steroidal drops (which I will be on for months to come). My vision is getting better day-by-day. Today I could read the address numbers on houses next door!

I went for the last of the daily follow-ups with my doctor and, besides apologizing profusely for the incident yesterday, he said everything is healing up just as expected. The left eye is now a day or so behind the right eye because of tearing the epithelium, but it has healed up and is coming along. I still have a lot of haloing - especially with the left eye, but the improvement is very noticeable now. Amazingly, he said I actually would be legal to drive! Frankly, I still find the idea slightly terrifying and I would give it a few days yet before I will be back to driving.

So, all-in-all, good progress and now moving more quickly! I will likely stop posting about this every day now and just give periodic updates as my recovery continues.