Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PRK - Post Surgery Day 5

Quick update today...

My doctor (and most of my reading on the surgery) said the recovery would not be linear and I guess today was the non-linear day. Things that were quite clear yesterday are very blurry again today - for instance I totally can't read the house addresses across the street. Even a moderate amount of computer work is very fatiguing and I have had to take some Tylenol for a headache.

Well, I will keep the faith that this will sort out over the next few days as everyone has promised. Tomorrow I am starting back to work, but I will definitely have to take frequent rests from the computer screen now and then.

I also picked up a pair of reading glasses today and for the 1st time got to utter the immortal phrase "Honey, have you seen my reading glasses?" Fortunately they weren't balanced on my forehead or something at the time!

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