Sunday, May 30, 2010

PRK - Post surgery Day 2

OK, this is supposed to be the worst day and it really is. I can barely see what I am writing even with the screen fonts & browser scaling turned up full. My vision today is still somewhat better than my previous uncorrected vision, but lots of blurring and today some slight haziness. Last night it was definitely more painful and I'm getting lots of the "eye lash in the eye" feeling.

That being said, this is all completely normal and my eye doctor this morning said everything in healing up just fine. My left eye is bugging me the most and he says that is the one that is healing the fastest! So, I will keep a good thought and just be patient today.

So far I have only had to take two of the Percocets they gave me and a few Extra Strength Tylenols. Again, I would still say this is less painful than a dental procedure, but the deteriorating vision is definitely irritating and interferes with doing a lot of normal things I would do to kill time like gardening, working on the computer or watching TV. Good thing I downloaded a bunch of episodes of "Car Talk" from NPR before the surgery. By the time this is done I will be a master mechanic and/or have a Boston accent.

Many thanks to my wife for keeping all the drops straight. She really should be a nurse. One thing you do have to watch with this is all the various eye drops you need to be squirting in your eyes!

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