Monday, May 31, 2010

PRK - Post Surgery Day 3

Well, a bit of a late post today because unfortunately the day hasn't gone so well.

Initially I had high hopes I would be getting the bandage contacts out today and all would be right with the world and my prescription would be starting to lock in somewhat. The doctor had told me to be sure to hit my eyes with artificial tears every five minutes for an hour before my appointment so that they would be well lubed up to slip out, which I dutifully did.

When I got there he did the usual microscope routine and pronounced the epithelium healed enough to allow taking the lenses out. He took out the right lens just fine, but when he went for the left lens it unfortunately tore at the new layer of skin. Amazingly, the pain is pretty much what you would expect from ripping freshly grown skin off your eyeball - excruciating.

For pretty much the whole day I have had to keep my left eye closed as much as possible since the sensation of opening it had been akin to having glass rubbed in my eye. Initially, I came home and had a Percocet which just caused me to have a very weird, hallucinogenic nap then later I had Tylenol and Tylenol with codeine. Now, about 7 hours after it happened I can keep my left eye open a bit while I type this, but it definitely still hurts a lot. Of course, this is pretty discouraging as well as painful since I was hoping today would really be when I turned a corner. I can read the shampoo bottle labels in the shower, which is more than I ever could without my glasses, so there is some progress.

The right eye does feel quite good, fortunately, but the prescription is still very off. My doctor says it should be starting to improve, but then he's the guy who just ripped the skin off my eyeball!


  1. Ohh owwwww! Hope it all gets better really soon!

  2. Ouch! That doesn't sound like fun. Hang in there...and remember to eat LOTS of berries (doc's orders).