Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PRK - 11 weeks post surgery

Well, this is probably my last post on this topic.

I went to my eye doctor today and he is very pleased with the progress. My left eye is basically perfect, but my right eye has a very slight -0.025 diopter nearsightedness, but this is starting from over -8 in both eyes. He said the right eye is still healing and this is just the tail end of the process. I am now down to only doing the FML steroid drops once a day.

My observation is that my vision - especially at a distance - is spectacular! Not having minor optical distortions or smudges or scratches from glasses is great and having back all of my peripheral vision is also fantastic. One of the best items of recent progress was that I found I didn't need reading glasses to work on the computer and I could get all my screens back to their regular fonts sizes!!

There are still some downside. I do have haloing at night which is irritating while driving but should clear up over the next few months. I do have to wear reading glasses now for reading in bed or playing games on my iPhone. Having to remember my reading glasses so I can read menus at restaurants and so on is irritating. Hopefully this will get slightly better, but I expect this is something I may be stuck with at my age. I do need to keep using artificial tears regularly, but my eyes don't seem to feel dry or uncomfortable except at the end of a long day.

When I was researching the procudure I found several useful diary blogs like this through Google. So, for those who might come upon this blog from the interwebs looking for info on PRK surgery, here are links to all the entries in sequential order:
It's been quite a journey!

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